Room Spray - Tranquil (Rose and Patchouli) - Manchester Home and Living

Room Spray - Tranquil (Rose and Patchouli) - Manchester Home and Living

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Room Spray - Tranquil (Rose and Patchouli) - 100ml spray mist

A must have for all you former and current flower children. Relive your days of incense and flower crowns with this classic combination. A beautifully relaxing aroma to instantly transform your mood (also available as a Reed diffuser on a separate listing).

One of the top benefits of Rose oil is definitely its mood-boosting abilities. As our ancestors battled situations where their mental status was dampened, or otherwise impaired, they would have been naturally drawn to the pleasant sights and smells of the flowers that surrounded them. For example, it is hard to take a whiff of a powerful rose and not smile.

Patchouli also has a grounding effect on the emotions. It can banish lethargy while sharpening the wits, calming anxiety and creates a romantic atmosphere.

The addition of Cedarwood relaxes, regenerates, stabilises and strengthens mind & emotions, whilst Bergamot supports general wellbeing, promotes energy flow and a positive outlook.

Manchester Home & Living room sprays are made from the finest vegan and cruelty free ingredients, giving you a guilt free home fragrance experience. Hand poured in small batches in Manchester.

– 100% vegan
– 100% vegan & cruelty free mist base
– Made with premium quality, cruelty free oils
– Recycled presentation box
– No colourants or dyes
– Made in the UK with local supplies

Images by Manchester Home & Living.