Helping Hands Intensive Hand Balm - Little Shop of Lathers

Helping Hands Intensive Hand Balm - Little Shop of Lathers

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Handmade by our co-founder Little Shop of Lathers, this is an Aromatherapy treatment for hardworking hands, called Helping Hands Intensive Hand and Nail Treatment*.

It is full of Essential Oils of Geranium, Lavender, Chamomile and Rose to deeply soothe, moisturise dry/cracked/hard skin and rejuvenate tired, aching hands. It's a gorgeous little handmade gift for anyone who loves manicures and cuticle care, or just has hardworking hands that need a little TLC!

*Product contains Beeswax so currently not Vegan friendly.

You will also receive a pair of cotton gloves to use after applying the product for an extra special luxury treatment. To use, simply warm between your hands to release the Oils and massage in. If you use the bar at night time, apply it in a thick layer, pop the gloves on and leave to soak in you get an extra level of luxury treatment. A perfect pampering treat which takes no time to apply!

Presented in an aluminium gift tin so it's ready to be received.

This balm contains Beeswax which means it isn't currently Vegan friendly.

Approx 40g single bar sealed in a biodegradable glassine bag and recyclable gift tin which should be used to store the balm while not in use. This is a zero waste product as you use it aaaaaalll up!

Although the products are made from natural ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives, the majority of them do contain a small quantity of Sweet Almond Oil (just a precautionary note for Nut Allergy sufferers).

Images by Little Shop of Lathers.