Monstera Leaf Necklace - Wooden Laser Cut - Silly Loaf

Monstera Leaf Necklace - Wooden Laser Cut - Silly Loaf

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These Laser cut monstera leaf necklaces are cut from bright acrylic or birchwood. These large cheese plant leaves are hanging from nickel free chains made from iron. Hand stained for extra protection and durability.

Necklace measures approx 13" from clasp to tip of leaf.
Each leaf measures approximately 50mm x 28mm

Matching earrings available on another listing!


Perspex acrylic can be recycled all the way back to it's original raw material. Silly Loaf re-uses as much waste product as she can to create other jewellery pieces and all other acrylic waste is recycled. Acrylic is also completely non toxic and food safe... just in case you drop your earrings in your dinner ;)

The birch plywood used is FSC certified which means it's from a renewable source and comes from forests that are managed responsibly. It is also recyclable and to do so uses less energy in comparison to other materials.

All items will be presented on branded display cards and packed up in a gift box ready for gift giving to a friend or yourself! Self presents are the best, you deserve it. The box can be reused to store and transport your jewellery or can be recycled in your standard household recycling.

Images by Silly Loaf/OHC.